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Healthy, Safe Communities

Mavis is a healthcare professional and will always support the Kane County Health Department for the health and public safety of our residents.  Mavis wants everyone in Kane County to have the resources they need to live a happy, healthy life.

Mavis' First-Term Accomplishments for Healthy, Safe Communities

We are talking about solar training for jail inmates during construction of the solar panels.

Helped to create an equitable new map for the County, according to the Voting Rights Act, with 8 minority districts to ensure fair elections.

I recommended funding for the 211 community helpline system.

Through many calls and gentle nudging, I got the Orchard Road sound barrier wall put into the transportation budget. This is going to happen.

As the Energy and Environmental Committee chair, my team opened a new recycling center in Aurora and promoted our first Saturday event. This recycling center is a big deal for Aurora, open Monday through Friday and taking a long list of things you can’t put at your curb.

I helped to increase funding for AID, Association for Individual Development, from the Riverboat Committee.

I sent out a press release about the federal rental assistance program, helping landlords and tenants receive federal assistance to prevent evictions.

. As a member of the American Rescue Plan Committee, I worked with local food pantries, veterans organizations, mental health associations, including those working to fight the opioid crisis, and homeless shelters to make sure they know when and how to apply for American Rescue Plan Funding.

We are planning to adopt the new Metropolitan Mayor’s Caucus Climate Action Plan for Kane County, with customizing the plan to our own needs and possibilities.

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