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Jobs, Unions, and the Economy

Mavis is a small business owner and proud union member. She knows we need good paying jobs, strong unions, and a thriving economy to support our families.

Mavis' First-Term Accomplishments for Jobs, Unions, and the Economy

First, the Kane County Board approved 8 acres of Solar panels which will save the county over $5,000,000 over 25 years, with prevailing wage for our workers and careful negotiations with the neighbors about landscaping and tree planting to beautify the project.

We are talking about solar training for jail inmates during construction of the solar panels.

I called all of the Kane County Board members to ask them what non-profit organizations they would most like to be given money from the American Rescue Plan funds, helping to cause $4,000,000 to be reserved for our local non-profits.

We are laying the groundwork to pass a Responsible Bidder Ordinance in Kane County in 2022.


We are planning to increase electrical vehicle chargers in Kane County, hopefully funded with the Federal Infrastructure Bill. This will encourage more electrical vehicles on our roads, helping to make our air cleaner and greener.

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