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August's Campaign Newsletter

In just 5 weeks, early voting starts. It's now-or-never time. Let's do everything we can to get out the vote. Election Day is only 11 weeks away! Thanks for your wonderful support. Here's the latest about my campaign for Kane County Board District 4.


Thank you to my phone bankers -  join us and let's keep up the momentum!

Especially during this time of the coronavirus, phone banking is one of our most important tools for connecting with voters. Instead of knocking on doors, maybe you would rather make calls from the safety of your home.  We don't have to meet at a campaign office or in somebody's home. 

We have virtual phone banking all set up on All you need is the link from me; then you log in, and names and phone number start popping up on your computer screen. The script is there for you to read. It's fun to meet people who are often willing to chat about what we need to do to make Kane County better. Give it a try!


State of the Unions

I know that some of you were at the Salute to Labor event on Zoom last Thursday. It was a fantastic roundtable discussion with leaders in labor and government shining a light onto the issues and possible solutions to ensure our workers have safe working conditions as well as health insurance. Here are some key takeaways:

  • If someone feels their company is not fair to workers, either through lack of a living wage or unfair treatment, we should let them know that they have the right to organize and bring in help from the union. 

  • The millennials want to bind together as a force. They understand that there is strength in unionizing.  

  • The union brings fairness to a work site.  Everybody gets paid the same, men and women, people of all races and ethnic groups. 

  • Growth of the unions during the 1930's came from within the factories. The business owners didn't say, "Let's bring in a union." Of course not. It was the workers who demanded a better quality of life for themselves and their families who brought the unions into the workplace.

  • Bigger projects should use skilled union labor to make sure the work is done well and done safely.  

  • Illinois is an at-will state, which mean an employee can be hired or fired without any reason given. If you want respect and dignity, then join a union. We are trying to get a bill passed in Illinois to outlaw making Illinois a right-to-work state. A Right to Work law says that a worker doesn't have to join a union or pay dues to a labor union, even when that worker is benefiting from the efforts of the union. This can greatly weaken the unions' ability to organize and help the workers and their families.  

  • It's important to patronize union stores. Jewel is a local union store and pays their workers a fair wage. Every time you go there, you are supporting the labor movement in your town.  

  • Worker safety is non-negotiable.  We need good union infrastructure projects to restore the middle class.

  • The teachers' unions are doing their job and helping to protect teachers from going into dangerous situations with the coronavirus.

I am a strong union supporter and a card-carrying member of the Illinois Education Association. If I'm elected, I will be a union advocate on the Kane County Board.


How to put some "oomph" behind your Friends and Family Postcards. 

Thanks to everyone who's requested postcards to send to friends and family. It's a great way to get involved and has really proven to be effective. It's even more effective if you can follow up by phone or email after sending the postcards -- or preferably both! We need to encourage our friends and family members to vote!


Do you follow Friends of Mavis Bates on Facebook?

If you do, you can help me widen my Facebook reach by simply liking or sharing my posts. Then more people will see them. If you're on Facebook, make sure you're following Friends of Mavis Bates!


I really need your help in these last weeks.

This is the most exciting part of our campaign, when we are really getting into the swing of things. We have three prongs going on right now. 

First comes knocking on doors. I'm out there knocking on doors, all with social distancing and mask on. If you would like to join me please let me know. 

Our second prong is virtual phone banking, where you make calls from your own home. This is a great way to stay home and get out there (virtually) at the same time. 

The third prong is postcard writing. It is so powerful when you send a postcard to your friends and family. Every postcard is an endorsement, coming from a trusted person in somebody's life.

There is some job waiting for you that will fit your experience, skill, and comfort level.For a list of possibilities, check out our "Get Involved" web page!

Thanks for being on my team,


p.s.Today marks the 100th Anniversary of the day the 19th Amendment was ratified, giving women the right to vote. All women, and all men, need to claim this right to vote as their own. Vote-by-mail, vote early in-person, or vote in-person on the big day, November 3rd. However you want to vote, let’s get the job done!


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