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Mavis is getting things done for our families!

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Safe, Healthy, Affordable Neighborhoods

--Mavis has introduced a resolution to the Kane County Board to support HB-5522 to ban criminal assault weapons, making our lives safer from the mass shootings that are happening almost daily in our county today.

--Affordable workforce housing is in short supply in Kane County. Mavis is promoting more studies into solving this problem, that affects both our workers and our businesses. If our workers can't find housing, then they can't take our jobs.

--As Chair of the Energy and Environmental Committee, the health and safety of our homes are always Mavis' top priorities. My team is responsible for the air and water quality of Kane County.

--Mavis is working to bring a sound barrier wall to the San Souci neighborhood, to stop the noise pollution that is affecting their quality of life.

A strong, thriving economy with a stable cost of living and lower property taxes.

--Mavis is working to fight inflation by keeping our supply chain moving with good transportation planning

--With 20 years of experience working for AT&T Bell Labs, rising to technical manager, Mavis knows how to promote efficiency in government, including using skilled labor to bring projects in on time and on budget.

--By being financially responsible to the people of Kane County and by reducing waste wherever possible, Mavis is working to keep property taxes as low as possible.

--To keep operating expenses as low as possible, my team is introducing a Life Cycle Cost Policy, so that when we purchase equipment such as a washer and dryer we take into account not just the purchase price but also the lifetime costs of energy and maintenance.

--Mavis led the way to the creation of a 2 megawatt solar installation in the back 8 acres of the Judicial Center. This solar array saves the County over $5,000,000 over the course of its lifetime.

Affordable health care for all, including mental health services and healthy kids

--Mavis helped to fund new mental health programs through the Kane County Health Department. Mental Health is listed as the number one need in the Kane County Health Department Needs Assessment.

--Mavis promotes partnerships with the County for affordable healthcare, including the VNA, Visiting Nurses Association.

--Mavis was the leader in bringing the COVID Mass Vax Site to Aurora

--The Health Department has the Fit for Kids program, etc. (look on

--At Mavis' request, the Health Department is adding a page to its website that will provide a list of all resources in Kane County that can help a woman seeking reproductive healthcare services.

Good paying jobs and rising wages for our middle-class families

--Mavis is actively supporting the Responsible Bidder Ordinance, which will give workers access to apprenticeship training programs, to increase their skills and help them build careers in the high-paying trades

--We are moving toward creating a Department of Economic Development to bring new jobs and opportunities to the people of Kane County.


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