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July's Campaign Newsletter

Updated: Jul 31, 2020


The election is coming up quickly and I'm counting on you to help with my campaign for Kane County Board District 4, which includes parts of the west side of Aurora. Here's what's new and how you can help!


New website!

Please go and take a look at my new website - It has links to help you apply for a vote-by-mail ballot and get Kane County voter information. Check out my endorsements, and, for those of you without Facebook, some recent posts and photos.   


Need a yard sign?

We still have some yard signs that need to find a good home in time for our big yard sign launch on Labor Day! Let me know if you can take one - we can deliver or you can pick it up.


Want a bumper sticker?

These bumper stickers go on easily with an easily removable peel-off adhesive. It's what all the cool cars are wearing this season. Drop me a note if you want one!


Donations are welcome!

We're going to need to do more aggressive mailings this year as events are still limited by the pandemic. These mailings really are effective in informing the electorate as well as getting out the vote.  We are grateful for each and every donation. Please go to the website and click on Donate!


I'm canvassing!

I am out there knocking on doors and getting reacquainted with my friends and neighbors. I'm masked-up and jump back as soon as I knock so that I am at least 6 feet away. I've been really gratified at the number of people who have opened the door and talked to me about their lives, what they're concerned about, and what they need from Kane County. 


Send postcards to your friends & family!

One of the best endorsements I can have is your recommendation to your friends and family. I have postcards that help you get the job done -- just write a quick personal note, address it, put a stamp on and drop it in the mail. Let me know how many postcards you're willing to send. I sure would be grateful!


Try phone banking!

Several of you are already helping by making calls -- you can choose to make as many as you want. It's important to reach out to our fellow voters and remind them how much this election counts.


Hope to hear from you soon!

These next 100 days will fly by. A healthy and prosperous county depends on your actions. Act now! Get involved. I thank you for your continuing support and encouragement!     



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